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About Me

I am so excited you have taken a moment in your life to check out my website. My name is Drew and I am the owner/founder of Awaken One Love LLC. As you browse the website, you'll notice we offer a number of different Spiritual & Holistic Healing services, events, and products. All of them aim to bring you overall peace, wellness, mindfulness, and clarity. The different events we host throughout the month will allow you to get a little insight into the types of services we offer and the types of healing techniques used within each service. I know sometimes spending the kind of money needed for specified healing just isn't in the budget, so I try to host as many events as I can a month, at a much more affordable cost for people, to get an option to add some wellness, mindfulness, and healing into their lives!


I want to give you a chance to know a little more about me before coming to an event or booking a service. My life changed in early 2013 when I became fascinated with the Law of Attraction and what it could do for my life. I really started becoming more aware of my mind patterns. I immediately began trying to learn more ways to change my mindset and get past some of the things I had struggled with for most of my life. Many of those struggles didn't come from a lack of loved ones, friends or support, but more from the fact that I just didn't know or understand myself.

In my quest for more knowledge and wisdom on the subjects of mindfulness, awareness, self-care, etc. I quickly came across meditation. I spent nearly a year struggling with learning how to meditate and changing my mind patterns. I knew I was working towards making drastic changes in my life and I knew I need more change for more growth. For me, I need to ability to redefine myself and still build a life. I had spent most of my time working for an engineering company and going to school for an engineering degree, but I realized no matter if I was good at it and excelled in math and science, it still didn't make me happy.

I made the decision in 2014 to relocated to Arizona from Illinois. I would attend spiritual events and groups with people who were also looking for growth in their lives (in different, but also the same ways). Once I started to become surrounded by like-minded people, my awakening really started to take off. I was introduced to Reiki and became a regular client with a Reiki Master Teacher because of how much it was adding to my spiritual growth. I spent years working on myself leading up to the time I began practicing reiki on myself and then on others. During this time, it started to become very clear that I had a purpose in life to help guide others through significant life changes.

I created Awaken One Love LLC in July of 2016 after completing my Reiki Master Teacher Level III certification. I have been practicing Reiki since and continue to love bringing the benefits of reiki and other holistic healing to my clients. During much of time since relocating to Arizona, I worked as a Training Manager for multiple brands. I traveled opening locations for years, developing training teams and building my business and online community at the same time.


In November of 2019, I made the decision to leave my career and focus on my business full time. When COVID shut down our country, I lost everything. My business, my home, my car, and I basically had to start my life over (or at least it felt like that for a while).


My 2020 taught me more about life than the other 34 years I have spend here combined. I experienced homelessness, hunger, anxiety, fear, hopelessness, and so much more. I now understand what it feels like to have reality forcing you to believe you have lost everything. The amount of people I can now help from what I have learned has grown exponentially. These experiences have also shaped Awaken One Love's mission into a passing on the knowledge, for all to be able to be at peace in their lives. 

If you wish to learn more, feel free to message me on the Awaken One Love Facebook page, or email me at You can also keep scrolling to read some testimonials from clients. I look forward to meeting you and I am excited to assist you in your spiritual development journey! One Love!

Stay Blessed,

Drew Maheras

  • Reiki Master Teacher - Usui Shiki Ryoho

  • Intuitive Psychic

  • Meditation Coach

  • Sound Healer

  • Crystal Healer

  • Ordained Minister - Universal Life Church

This was a fantastic meetup. I highly recommend these folks. I felt positive energy. Thank you. - Christian G.

The wedding ceremony that Drew helped us create was beautiful! He took everything we wanted and made it work. We wanted to make the ceremony ours and we did just that! He worked with our photographers to ensure they could get everything they needed during the ceremony and even accommodated some last minute requests from the family! The extra care was great! Thanks Drew

- The Robinson's

I attended one of the full moon meditations he led! I learned some great mental Vision strategies to help ground and release. - Consuelo M. 

Reading went great! Always informative and Drew tells me what I need to know each time. - Eduardo 

Angel card reading went amazing. Such a big help. Thank you so much! - Jaymee S.


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