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Cholla Trail - Camelback Mountain - Hike & Meditation

Camelback Mountain offers some of the best views of the valley and a great spot to cleanse and revitalize the mind, body, and soul. This featured event offers a great physical workout, guided meditation, and the benefits that come with both! We meet at the Trailhead Marker (link to google marker pin below) and begin our hike up to the meditation spot. I guide attendees up the path (of course anyone who wants to go ahead may do so). There is about a 20 minute window around what a normal walking rate would take so people with a faster pace and people with a slower pace are all able to attend each part of the meditation.


When the guided meditation begins, I use basic breathing and visualization techniques to guide participants through the grounding process which will promote a meditative state, increase the flow of energy, and guide you through the steps of releasing and replenishing. I typically use sound healing to assist participants ability to focus on the meditation. By giving the mind something to focus on, it quiets the rest of the mind's chatter. While focusing on the images I am describing it initiate's the grounding process even for those who have trouble focusing or meditating.


Being guided through the release, cleanse, and replace process is a powerful way to balance the mind, body, and soul. Taking place on Camelback Mountain only increases that balancing and centering ability. Past attendees and clients of mine who have attended the event are amazed at the tangible differences 3 hours on Camelback Mountain can create.

What this event includes:

• Guided Hike up Camelback Mountain's Cholla C Trail
• Guided Meditation

• Sound Healing

• Spirit Message (optional)


What to bring:

• Water

• Comfortable hiking/gym shoes

• Any healing crystals you'd like to bring to assist in your meditation or to cleanse on the mountain

• Small blanket or yoga mat (keep in mind the hike, but if you don't want to sit on the ground then you will need to bring something)

Important to know!

• Event cost is $25/person on the day of the event (cash or card accepted)

• Previous meditation experience is not necessary for anyone to benefit from this experience

• Parking is only available on Ivergordon Road (you will see signs) - Park then walk North to Cholla Lane - head West up the hill on Cholla Lane (the only way you can walk) - the 'Trailhead Marker' is on the South (left) side of the street - use the 'Trailhead Marker' link on the day of the event to guide you where our meeting spot is! This sounds like a lot if you have never been there, but there are plenty of signs when you get there and you will most likely see cars and people walking.

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