Trusting Your Intuition

Join Awaken One Love for a Trusting Your Intuition class! During this class we will dive into what intuition is and how to develop and apply your intuition into your every day life. Allowing you to make wiser decisions that point you down the right path. Learning to use your intuition more also allows you to quiet the chatter in the mind that is always trying to consciously reason with your environment and those in it. Please reach out with any questions!

**Attendees are encouraged to bring a notebook and something to write with for this event**

What we will do:

  • What is intuition?

  • What can intuition do for you?

  • How to develop your intuition

  • A grounding meditation

  • Intuition practice: healing crystals meditation, blind reading, blind decision readings, & angel card reading

  • Q&A

Event cost is $15/person on the day of the event. Cash, credit or debit accepted.

Phoenix, Arizona

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