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Full Moon Guided Meditation, Sound Healing, Labyrinth Walk & Fire Release

Awaken One Love brings you a monthly Full Moon event like no other! These popular events are uniquely powerful in assisting in the release of old energy, patterns, mindsets, and more! In doing so, you create space for higher vibration energy.

Our Full Moon events are all aimed to creating a space that allows you to clear your mind, release anything that may be holding you down, and embrace the arrival of fresh, high vibration energy. Everything in the Universe is energy and as human beings, we soak up much of the energy we come into contact with. Being able to release unneeded energy is vital to approaching life with mental clarity and peacefulness.

Each one of our Full Moon events are different, but they consist of many of the same following elements:

  • guided meditation (with visualization techniques to assist in grounding and quieting the mind)

  • sound healing (Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, gongs, etc.)

  • Reiki healing (during the sound healing portion of the event)

  • healing crystal to take home (type of crystal varies)

  • labyrinth walk (brings clarity to ones path / purpose - aides in releasing any lingering low energy)

  • fire release (allows you to fully let go of large blocks or hurdles in your life)

  • sage cleanse (removes any negative or dark energy - calms the mind)

  • spiritual message (a guided message that varies each event)

  • group discussion (optional - a chance for participants to share their experience)

These events are hosted at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church on Lincoln Drive. Although we are not associated with the church, we do have permission to use the campus for these events. Some important things to know about these events include:

  • these events are outdoors so dress accordingly

  • please bring a pillow, mat, or blanket to sit on (none are provided)

  • water is important to stay hydrated during the type of energy work we will be doing

  • we invite those of all religions, beliefs, cultures, orientations, identities, etc. to our events - human is human and love is love

  • if you ever have any questions or concerns about the event, please don't hesitate to message me on Facebook

  • event cost is $30/person on the day of the event (cash or card accepted). If you would like to pay in advance to reserve your spot in the event the attendance level gets too high, please RSVP by checking out what events are coming up next

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