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Healing Crystal Class

During these classes we go into a detailed description for incorporating crystals into your life. This includes (depending on the class you attend), but not limited to:

  • brief history of crystals

  • crystal therapy (healing properties & how to use them)

  • meditating with crystals

  • selecting crystals

  • cleansing and charging your crystals

  • crystals and the chakras

  • crystal grids

  • crystal pendulums

  • crystal Feng Shui

  • crystals for kids

  • crystals for work & home

  • crystals and the Zodiac

  • crystals and the Aura

  • spiritual messages of crystals


Participants will all receive a crystal to take home and there will be an opportunity to purchase additional crystals after each class. Check our upcoming events for information about each specific class.

If you have a basic knowledge of healing crystals and their properties and uses then the order in which you attend the classes will not matter. However, if you do not already have a basic knowledge of healing crystals and working with them, it is recommended that you first attend our Crystal Basics class before the other three.

Event cost $40/person on the day of the event.

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