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Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Angel Reading
Angel Readings

During these readings I invite the Archangels, and your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides into the reading to deliver the messages you are ready and open to hear. Romance, Finance, Career, Life Purpose, and more can all come to light during these readings. My clients are amazed at some of the messages that the Universe had waiting for them!

Crystal Readings

Healing crystals can be described as our Earth's DNA. They are natural healing tools with powerful vibration energy. During these readings those high energies, along with the use of an ancient deck of healing crystal cards, are used to deliver messages from the Universe. With the combination of a unique deck of crystal cards and the ancient healing crystals, this reading offers tangible healing, wisdom, and guidance.

Image by Jade
Healing Readings

When we are faced with what seems to be continuous struggle, it is often because we are not taking the time we need to on ourselves. These readings are for those who are open to introducing new healing methods into their life. Let the Universe guide you to better selfcare and personal healing so that love and light may enter your light, bringing clarity to your lessons and assisting in the struggle.

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