Papago Park Meditation

Grounding is the practice of re-establishing your connection with the Earth. From a scientific sense, every bit of energy in the universe has an electrical charge, including our bodies and the Earth. Grounding activities reconnect your electrical field with the Earths electrical field. When that connection is made, many things begin to change both physically and mentally. Grounding affects the living matrix, or the central connector between living cells. Some studies concluded that grounding enhances the bodies' immune system with that energy running through the matrix of cells. Participants of the studies experienced: improved blood pressure, less inflammation, reduced pain and muscle damage, & reduced stress, pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.

Held at Papago Park near sunrise or sunset for the views - this event begins with a small hike to our meditation spot. Once we arrive, participants are guided through an exercise that will enhance their ability to reconnect with the Earth. By using basic breathing and visualization techniques, participants are able to reconnect and jump start their immune system and bring clarity and calmness into their mind.

Things to remember / bring for this event:

  • bring a small blanket or pillow to sit on if you wish - we will be meditating while sitting on the ground

  • water to stay hydrated

  • when you arrive - meet at the tables in the pictures below

Event cost is $20/person on the day of the event (cash or card accepted).

Phoenix, Arizona

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