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Papago Park Events

Awaken One Love uses the West Buttes Loop trail area of Papago Park for a few monthly events (with the exception of a couple summer months). These events typically happen near sunrise or sunset and begin at the West Buttes Parking Lot. For more details regarding what a specific event includes, please visit the actual event page on our Upcoming Events. Here you can read about what to do if you are attending an event of ours that we are hosting at Papago Park.

If you are attending an event held at Papago, please take a moment to read though these important pieces of information that apply for every event held as this location:

  • Bring water - each event at this location includes a 16 minute hike to our event spot (see photos below).

  • Bring a small pillow, blanket, folding chair, etc. - whatever you'd like to sit on (we will be on the ground in a desert landscape).

  • Meet at the West Buttes Parking Lot (see photos & map below). The parking lot is located directly across Galvin Parkway from the Phoenix Zoo entrance. If the West Buttes lot is full you can park in the Phoenix Zoo lot and walk directly across Galvin Parkway (it's not a far walk at all).

  • This is NOT the "Hole in the Rock" trail and parking lot location (which is on the same side of the street as the Zoo). We do no use these trails for our location as they are usually far more crowded.

  • If you are having trouble finding the location - the best way to reach us the day of the event is to send a message on Facebook.

  • Event specifics and cost varies depending on the type of event.

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