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The Gifts We All Share

You and every other human being on the planet are continuously accompanied by guardian angels. These angels are near you because they have come to deliver messages, every moment of every day. We are able to receive and understand these messages at a young age, but unfortunately are condition throughout development that the messages aren't real. Therefore, you need to remember how to use your gifts to receive messages and communicate with yours and other angels. Four main gifts that each individual has (most people having at least one dominant gift) are known as the four "Clairs."


Clairvoyance "clear seeing" - This gift can apply to anything from seeing repeating patterns in numbers or seeing flashing signs or sparkling lights. People can experience visions mentally inside of their mind, or they can see a vivid picture of the event or situation with their physical eyes. Messages can also be delivered in your dreams and are often happening every night.


Clair-sentience "clear feeling" - We are emotional beings and that can be a huge gift when used correctly. This applies to the strange, "out of nowhere" feelings of excitement, joy, compassion, love, etc. This can also apply to sudden changes of feeling to the physical world as well, such as: changes in air temperature or sensing a spiritual presence. Sometimes people feel like someone is reaching out to touch you. Embrace these feelings for they are messages! Smelling an essence with no physical origin can be an effective way for the Angels to message you.


Clair-audience "clear hearing" - We have all been somewhere and heard our name called, but we often dismiss this as if it didn't happen. Or how many times have you heard a high pitch ringing in your ear? These are the angels trying to communicate. Sometimes a TV or radio show will come across your path giving you the exact information you needed. The voices of clear hearing can come across your path or speak directly to you. Open your ears, mind, and heart!


Clair-cognizance "clear thinking" - This gift applies to the times when you know something, without a doubt, but don't know how you know. Sometimes you will be able to fix things without instructions, have wise words come through you writing or speaking, or getting a new idea for a new invention.


You can learn to develop these gifts and once you do, you will begin to understand that they already are a large part of your lives and of every individual on earth!

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