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Take Action with Labradorite


"Summon me when you're ready to journey beyond the confines of what's known, and when you're prepared to expand your consciousness."

Crystal Color: Gray and silver in it's raw form. Once polished, vibrant blues and green are shown and sometimes orange and yellows.

Related Chakra: Third eye and crown

Healing Properties: Representing the temple of stars, labradorite assists in discovering your destiny and provides clarity of inner sight.

Labradorite is a magical stone that brings you closer to your gifts that can be found within the soul. The healing energies of this crystal work closely with the element of wind to carry in new energy of higher vibrations that urge you to take action in your life and continue moving forward. This wind allows the high energy flow to awaken, giving you anew awareness, of spiritual wisdom and knowledge. With this new found wisdom, it enhances psychic abilities by increasing your intuition.


There are many reasons why this message could have found you today. Ask yourself some of these questions:

Have I been waiting for change to happened on its own, giving only anxious thoughts towards the possible outcomes?

If you answered yes, maybe, or not sure; then the above question is possibly true. Often times we get anxious waiting for something we are hoping will happen. Possibly a job interview, test score, medical results, etc. In all the time we spend playing out different scenarios in our head, we never stop to realize that all the worrying won't change the outcome. Next time when your mind starts to take over, spend some time doing something that you love rather than sorry about it. Distract yourself with something that your heart is drawn to. When you invite those higher vibrations of joy, gratitude, and peace into your space, you invite more to follow. If there is something you can still take action on then do so. For example, rather than wait for your blood test to come back to decide what to do, start eating healthier now! And no matter the outcome, you are still on your way to a healthier life.


Does your mind feel cloudy? Having so much information within you, feeling so close to many answers, but none seem to be in sight?

Look at the big picture for a moment. From a young age (through young adulthood) we are condition and told over and over again, that there is so much we should worry about. So much information we must know and so many things we need to take care of. Is that truly the case?We really do have the ability to live an extremely happy and fulfilling life, no matter our situation or the odds against us. This does not aim to discredit those who say people's struggles are different. Instead, bring awareness to the fact that much of our "struggle" is determined by how much we allow ourselves to suffer in times of struggle. This is not an easy mind pattern to change, however, working with labradorite can really aid in the process.


How can labradorite assist with me living a healthier life?

This powerful energy calms the overactive mine and energizes imagination, bringing up new ideas. Analysis and rationality are balanced with the inner sight of wisdom and knowledge that labradorite brings. This intuitive wisdom energy is an excellent dispeller of illusions, going to the root of a matter and show the real intention behind thoughts and actions. This wisdom can also be very comforting by banishing fears and insecurities and all the psychic "debris" that comes from previous disappointments, which includes those from past lives.


What do I do with it once I get it?

Get comfortable - Ideally sitting down with your back straight or laying flat on your back can have the greatest return because it aligns your chakras allowing the energy to flow freely.

Place the crystal in your left hand - your left hand is your receiving hand and you want to invite and receive the crystals healing energy.

Focus on your breathing - take deep, long breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth. This will steady your breathing, slow your heart rate down, and relax the body. You really just need to think about breathing. If you are having trouble keeping your mind from thinking about other things try visualizing the air and its journey from into your mouth, filling up your lungs, then coming back out; as you breath in and out. This will give the mind something to do. Continue this process until you feel a deep relaxation within your body.

Ask the crystal - now ask the crystal for it's wonderful healing energy. You can do this in your mind or out loud. Still in control of your breathing, ask the crystal to help you absorb its energy with each breath in; and aid in your release of anything you don't need with each breath out. Remember that intention is everything! You get what you put in so really let yourself just experience this healing relationship.

Show gratitude - this is one of the most important things you can do! Even if talking to the crystal feels silly, what have you got to lose? Be sure to tell the crystal you are grateful for sharing it's healing energy with you. Once you send that gratitude out into the Universe, more of it will come back to you!

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