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Being faced with a difficult decision?

Seven of Water

"A complex decision. The need to do research. Stop procrastinating!"


This card carries with it a strong message to stop procrastinating. It is time to get busy! You are currently or may soon be presented with a difficult and complex decision to make. Thinking about the possible options may make you feel anxious and fearful. Embrace these emotions, call them out for what they are, then release them with gratitude. Get the necessary information, then search for the awareness of what your heart is telling you. Talk about the situation, with the Universe and with loved ones.


Take a look at this picture. This image has a number of cups on it with a given color. Look at the picture for a while and see which image and/or color you are drawn to most. Which one can you feel in your heart? The chakra color you are drawn to most will help guide you towards situations or people that will help you find the answer. The areas you are being guided to be aware of are below with the color you felt most in your heart!


Red - home, money, and security

Orange - creativity, addictions, and sexuality

Yellow - power and control

Green - love and healing

Light Blue - communication and truth-telling

Dark Blue - visions and psychic abilities

Purple - spirituality


This is a time to really focus on the reality of the situation, and not just your perception of reality. Dive into yourself and recognize the connection your heart has with the answer to what you should do. This is divine communication and guidance at it's greatest. The feeling of knowing from deep inside that you are making the right choice. You must hold on to that feeling of knowing after the decision is made too. Do not allow the fears to set in. Do not forget that you know this is what your heart wants.

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