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Having trouble letting go?

Let Go

"Release the desire to control this

situation and leave it up to God's infinite wisdom to resolve everything beautifully."

This card has found you today to remind you how important letting go really is. Letting go of what? Letting go of anything that no longer serves you. These include energy, people, situations, mind patterns, emotions, etc. Many times we have a hard time letting go because of fear, sometimes a fear we don't expect. It is easy to walk around every day and consume all the energy around you. The problem with that, is that you bring in some negative energy too. Ask yourself some of the questions below.


Do you worry about how much you get paid at work? Medical insurance? Putting food on the table?

Often we are always cultivating this anxiety about the future. We are afraid of what could happen, so it causes a nervousness to be present. When you are afraid, are you deciding to do anything about it? Have you found out what you need to do to advance? Have you decided to take the necessary steps to achieve a better job? Or are you just accepting the presence of anxiety and fear?

It is a huge reality check when you aren't sure where your next meal is going to come from. When we are faced with situations of survival like this, we typically choose a "fight or flight" response. If we allow the fear to settle in and the anxiety to own space, we continue to take flight, almost running from the problem in order to just keep living. When we accept the fear, call it out for what it is, we can effectively release, or let go, and move forward having learned that the fear does not need to hold us back.


Is most of your time spent on a single thing or activity?

  • Do you always work?

  • Are you always taking care of your family?

  • How much time of each day is spent on you?

  • How many things in the course of your day is something you are passionate about?

Are you truly happy with your life right now? It isn't easy to let go of a job that doesn't serve your higher purpose. A job that forces you to give up all your time in order to pay your bills and survive. Is your entire focus in life on other people? It may be a hard concept to accept, but if your entire life is focused on others, you are out of balance and not connected with your higher self. You lack the piece of the puzzle that focuses inward and recognizes the heart.


When something in your life doesn't go like you expected, how does it change your thoughts and emotions?

It's truly beautiful how a terrible outcome or ending is such an uplifting new beginning in disguise. It's hard to accept results that were less than achieving our goal(s) and it's not easy to have faith that it happened for a reason. Letting go of something that appears to have hurt us is sometimes a difficult process. Once we find the lesson within the situation, we have turned the negative into a positive. The situation has now encouraged growth and is no longer something that holds us back, but has pushed us further towards our goals. Be grateful for the lessons learned and ask the Universe to help release what lingers behind.


Are you around others and they say something you totally don't agree with, but go along with anyway? Or even finding yourself agreeing with something you truly disagree with?

It is sometimes easier not to say anything. How often do you find yourself keeping quiet about something you don't agree with? What good is this actually doing for you? The main reasons that people don't speak their truth is typically they fear sharing themselves with the world or they fear confrontation. To remedy this inner battle, remember that balance is important in all aspects of your life. If you always keep quiet without speaking your truth, or even agree and go along with something you don't agree with; you invite other energies and things into your life that you don't want. You are encouraging a cycle of things to enter your life that don't align with your heart and ultimately making it more challenging. Life comes with enough challenges without adding unnecessary ones yourself. Speak your truth, it's beautiful!


It's important to remember to let go and encourage the flow of energy through your mind, body, and soul. Stay true to yourself and watch the Universe support your heart's desire. It really is amazing what we are capable of and what we can achieve with love and faith. Love yourself. Have faith in your abilities!

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