Are you one of millions of garlic lovers?


Allium sativum

Due to garlic's strong odor and taste, the essential oil is not often used in aromatherapy. Instead, is it consumed by adding it to foods as a flavoring ingredient, but the numerous health benefits are often overlooked.

How Long Has Garlic Been Around?

Garlic has been cultivated since 2000 B.C. making it one of the oldest cultivated plants in human history. The builders of the pyramids in Egypt were fed garlic daily to keep them healthy. The Greeks ate garlic to treat intestinal worms and other digestive system aliments. In both old folk medicine and Native American medicine; garlic was applied to draw out the poisons of bee, wasp, and scorpion stings. These cultures also applied garlic to snakebites for the the same purpose of drawing out the poison.

What Else Can Garlic Do?

The American Indians would crush the bulbs in water then drink the tea on an empty stomach to remedy intestinal worms. European doctors prevented gangrene by applying garlic to swabs and dressing for soldier injuries in both World War I and II. Applying garlic in your life promotes a healthier life in many different ways. Roman herbalists have listed garlic as a treatment for sixty-one different aliments.