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Open Your Heart

"The more you open your heart and pour love into your creations, the greater their life-force energy."

The key to everything you're seeking is love. Yes, you have been hurt and disappointed. You have been wronged and ridiculed. You have been lost, and you have been cheated. You are not alone.


We have all felt these emotions before, but we can not allow ourselves to become a victim by allowing these emotions to define who we are. Closing your heart for the sake of protection is not the answer. By choosing to open your heart, especially in times of struggle, you shine the light of love so brightly that it sends a beacon to illuminate both you and your work. This attracts all the right people and situations that will give you companionship and support.

When is takes time for this to happen, we begin to lose faith. When we allow those thought patterns to absorb our being, we lose the feeling of gratitude in our lives. We know longer think about the things in our life we are grateful for. Without gratitude, our vibration will not raise and therefore, we continue on living a cycle of life of always being let down.


Some ways you can open your heart and attract higher vibrations into your life are:

  • incorporate positive affirmations to your daily life

  • write gratitude lists

  • genuine acts of kindness toward strangers

  • let go of lower energies, emotions, people, etc. that aren't yours

  • have at least 2 hobbies in your life that you are passionate about

  • create a vision board each new moon

  • learning and practicing either some form of yoga or meditation


When you create from your heart, people can intuitively feel the healing love energy within your work; therefore, they are magnetically drawn to it. Trust in your heart! It is the best communicator with the Universe around you!


It is time for you to release all of the old mind patterns, emotions, people, fears, situations, and energy that no longer serves you. Understand that the past struggles no longer exists and do not have to be apart of your being any longer. Amazing things can be accomplished when following the heart.


A sense of fulfillment is accompanied by work created through love, and success and abundance comes with the people drawn to your work. It is easy to let our past fears define us, but it take growth to become stronger from them. The angels are urging you to keep the faith!

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