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The Emperor - Free the Leader Within

The Emperor:

The Major Arcana

Archangel Michael

"Organization and logic. Structure and discipline. Leadership."

The Emperor card is from the Major Arcana and signifies that although your dreams are valid and sound, they still need guidelines and organization so that they can manifest properly. It's important to cultivate logic, discipline, and order in your creation of a plan for how you'll proceed, and maintain kind but authoritative control over how that plan is implemented.


Find Your Confidence Within And Let It Shine


You have an idea or maybe it has already cultivated from an idea to a project. In order to bring clarity to the road ahead, if you choose to proceed, call on Archangel Michael for assistance. He will bring strength in feeling empowered to take a leadership role in your career and any projects you're working on. Structure and order are friends to you as you move from the preparation stage into the execution of your plans. Be confident in your ability to be a positive leader and get organized so that you can be more effective.


People Will Want To Follow Your Passion


Often when our dreams begin manifesting and we are aware of it, things can start to move very fast around us. Ideas, people, situations, and thoughts all start to come together at the right time and moment, with exceptional gains toward your goals. When this happens it is easy to let the mind start to take over and forget that it was the heart that led us there in the first place.


Stay True To Yourself


You can introduce a few easy practices into your daily life to remain centered and moving in the right direction. Some things you might consider trying somewhere in your daily routine:

  • ground yourself - staying grounding will keep you true to your own energy and help you remain centered

  • positive affirmations - send the correct frequencies out into the Universe

  • gratitude list - when you start showing gratitude for the things you already have in your life, amazing things begin to happen


Clear your mind, refocus, and reorganize your mind. Meditation and grounding can be an excellent way of assisting in accomplishing all of these things. If you have drawn this card into your life today, then understand that you have the ability to be a positive and effective leader. Believe in yourself and trust in your heart and intuition. You can help others and have the ability to touch countless lives in a positive way.


If you are interested in learning more about how to meditate, ground, or other spiritual practices, check out our events and services pages.

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