Grounding Yourself With Hematite

Hematite is found in various shades of black, gray, silver, and red and is well-known as the most powerful grounding stone on the planet. Researchers have discovered that the center of the Earth is made of hematite formed in the geometry of a dodecahedron.

Being in the presence of this magical crystal naturally assists you to connect deeply to the heart of the planet, grounding your roots and foundation into the Earth. This wonderful medicine assists in detoxing the mind, body, and soul. Hematite can be exceptionally useful in encouraging gentle healing after shock or a traumatic event.

When used during out-of-body journeying, it protects the soul and grounds it back into the body. Having a strong yang element, it balances the meridians, redressing yin imbalances. This also allows it to dissolve negativity and prevents negative energies from entering the aura, restoring peace and harmony to the body. It is excellent for removing self-limitations and aids in expansion. Many people around the world incorporate Hematite into their lives and it is extremely beneficial for those just beginning their path of enlightenment.