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Transform Like the Butterfly

The butterfly is a very strong, yet unique animal totem. Brought to us by the air, the butterfly represents the mind, and the ability to know the mind or to change it. It defines the pure art of transformation. This beautiful animal calls out to you and challenges you to observe the position of your life cycles you are in.


We as humans are constantly changing and transforming, and we do this in cycles just as the butterfly did. Beginning as an egg, which in Native American teachings is, the beginning of all things. This is where the idea was born, but has not yet become reality. The following stage is where you decided to create your idea into the physical world, the larva stage.


The next stage, although rather short for the butterfly, is typically where people stop or get stuck or even start over. They are wrapped so tightly in their cocoon they become complacent. Don't misunderstand, going within yourself and diving into your project, idea, or aspect of your personality is one of the most important things we can do. It is where a significant amount of time should be spent, but don't forget to continue the cycle.


If you choose to continue the cycle, you are left with your final stage of transformation. This is when you finally share your beautiful colors that is your creation to the world. The butterfly can give extreme clarity in the mental process so don't waste this powerful totem.

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