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Gentle Love of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is well known around the world as a stone of love and compassion. This is extremely fitting given the various shades of pink the crystal can be found with. It is also directly related to the heart chakra. Place some rose quartz in your less dominant hand (this is your receiving hand) and feel the gentle, soft energy that it provides.


This energy invites us to open fully to receive the healing medicine of love. This soft energy nurtures us just enough for us to fee safe enough to surrender to our vulnerable nature. In this space, we can connect deeply to our heart & soul and heal any old wounds connected to our distant past. In doing so, we are able to: deepen our self-love and acceptance, open our heart bringing in unconditional love, bring self-fulfillment and inner peace to our consciousness, and enhance our compassion, gentleness, and nurturing of the soul.


This card and/or crystal has been brought into your life today to encourage you to dive into your soul and bring those troubles from your distant past to the surface without fear. This will allow you to accept those fears and release them in a loving and compassionate way.

These deep issues or fear can come from situations, feelings, or emotions that we were faced with as a child and didn't understand. Or from the stress of the intensity of life itself. Either way, we store these deep within our soul so we can push forward, never defining or facing these issues or emotions head on. In doing so, we never learn and grow from it.


Instead, we carry the weight of these emotions through life until we are no longer conscious of them. They are no longer on our mind, so our ego convinces ourselves that we have moved on, however, that doesn't mean the stale energy hasn't moved with us. Open your hearts to Rose Quartz and see what this soft, gentle healing crystal can do for you!

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