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Choices: Heart vs Brain

Choice: an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

We are faced with choices every day of our lives. Some choices are easy to make and some choices are hard. Sometimes situations that need us to make a choice are obvious and sometimes we are blinded by the sure fact that we do in fact have a choice. Many of us live our lives letting our brains figure out what the right choice is.

This makes sense when you take into account we have been conditioned from childhood to use our brains for everything. We are encouraged to think long and hard about important decisions in our lives. We weigh the pros and the cons, approach the situation logically and practically, using our brains to figure out the best option for ourselves. What I propose is to try letting your heart make the choices in your life rather than the brain. I'm not saying forget your brain, it is a powerful organ and tool, but realize that heart is just as, if not more, powerful of a tool.

Our heart functions like a second brain and it is capable of making better decisions than the brain itself. Using our heart to feel what is right will lead us on the right path more often than using our brain to think. Using our heart to think also eliminates the choices we make for others rather than ourselves. The brain is where the ego lives. Stripping it away piece by piece is a sure way to understand what aligns with you and your heart.

Some may think that being selfless is a great quality and it is, but what good can you do others if there you are unable to do good to yourself. If we make choices with our heart and do what is right for ourselves, we can’t go wrong. We begin to make decisions based on what our own path is. Using our heart, we don’t make decision based on: what others expectations are, what others needs are, or what benefits others.

This approach is in no way selfish. We live our own lives on our own paths. The life you live is no one else’s except yours. Who’s to say the choices you make shouldn’t resonate with you? Who’s to say you shouldn’t live your life exactly the way you want to? Who’s to say which direction you should walk on your path? Who’s to say which path you should walk on in general? The answer to all of these questions is, just you. Use your heart to make the choices in your life, take some time to feel what the right choice is inside, so that you may make the choices that resonate with you!

Some excellent ways to start opening up the lines of communication to your heart are: grounding (through meditation and/or healing crystals), general mindful meditation, positive affirmations, gratitude lists, and more! Check out some of our meditation services for some help in learning how to follow the heart!

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