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Vision Boards and the Power of Visualization

Vision Board

"Create a board with images and words that portray how you want to feel in the future."

A vision board is an excellent tool in helping yourself align with a specific Universal Law (Law of Attraction). The popular book about the Law of Attraction, The Secret states, "The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.”

Regardless if you believe in visualization or not, the fact is, visualization is very real and has been proven. Psychology Today did a study with weightlifters that showed very similar brain patterns activated when the participants were lifting weights versus when they were asked to visualize lifting weights. Professional athletes, Olympic athletes, and many more around the world have been using visualization for decades.


How do I go about making a vision or dream board?

You don't need much to create a vision board. All you need is a canvas, magazines, scissors, and glue.

The first thing you want to do is select a canvas. This is commonly a poster board, but you can use paper, cardboard, a cork-board, or anything else you want to be creative with.

They next thing you will need are a handful of magazines. You will be cutting images and words out of them so these magazines should be of interests you currently have in your life or want to draw into your life. You should really think about what pictures and words you cut out. Because you are dealing with a finite space as your canvas, you will want to focus on what you desire most and choose what is most important to your heart and happiness.

There is great power in making the choices of what goes on your board. This power is found when focusing on the details of exactly how to represent your desires on the board. When making those choices, a very specific and true message out into the universe regarding you what your heart truly desires.

Once you have glued all of your pictures to your canvas, place the board in an area that you will see often. Either for many short times throughout the day or somewhere you can actually relax a meditate on the board for a while on a daily basis.

It's that simple! You can spend as much time as you want on creating a board. The most important rule that you should keep in mind is that you want to include words and pictures of how you want to feel in the future and not just of the things you want in your life.


What do I do once I have created and placed the vision board?

This is when the visualization begins! You have already begun attracting what you desire during the creation process, now you put that act into practice. As I mentioned before, visualization is very powerful.

How about we assume you put a collage together on your board of what you visualize your dream house to be like. By closing your eyes and picturing yourself living in that house and how it feels to be walking around in it, you prepare your brain for that reality and send that intention out into the universe.

Jim Carrey once appeared on Oprah discussing how powerful visualization worked for him. Check out the video to see out how it changed his life. This isn't specifically about a vision board, but it is a testament to the power of our thoughts and intentions.

It is a powerful story and it's important to remember a few of things about visualization. First, you need to be consistent with your visualizing. This means that you make sure you create time to visualize every day, even for just 10-15 minutes. You need to ensure the universe hears your specific message loud and clear.

Second, you need to show gratitude for the things you already have in your life. If you aren't grateful for what you have, you are telling the universe you want to attract more things to be grateful for.

Lastly, you must put the work in! Jim Carrey said, "you can't just visualize, then go eat a sandwich." The message I bring you today isn't an easy way to get what you want. I don't want people to think that this is a "solve all." Remember this is just one of the Universal Laws.

Everyone should set goals and work towards them in every day life, and visualization needs to be a part of that work you put in. Visualization will be exceptionally powerful and quickly rewarded to those who work day in and day out for their dreams to come true, but never seem to get anywhere.


Visualization is very real and very powerful, that much we know. If you have faith and continue to visualize each and every day, you will begin to be shown just how real it is!

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