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Healing Crystals: Gifts from Gaia

It is truly amazing what powerful healing tools crystals are. Crystals, or stones, can be used to aid in healing every area of your life. Your physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial health can be improved with the practice of crystal energy healing. A great deal can be achieved through crystal therapy such as: a healthier romantic life, an amplification of your own personal natural healing power, and overall awareness, peacefulness, and consciousness.

Even better, no matter what type of healing work you do or what skill level you are at, you can use healing crystals! The uses and practices are endless so we will just begin with the basics.


What are crystals? And where do they come from?

Explaining exactly what crystals are is not easily done in a short sentence. The more you understand about crystals the more effective they are because a relationship and respect is established. You can look at it a couple ways.

Crystals come from the earth. They were created when the earth formed and they have continued to metamorphose every since with our changing planet. Simply put, crystals are the earth's DNA, a chemical imprint of evolution. A record of the earth spanning millions of years and the enduring memory of the powerful forces that shaped it.

Although it is easy to dismiss crystals as inert objects, they are very much alive and bring with them extremely high vibrations. They are a gift from Gaia, the spirit of our planet. Not only are crystals filled with energy, but they are also conduits of energy. My experience with crystal healing and therapy has taught me many things and I am truly grateful for their energy and messages. They have enable me to increase the power of light and love within myself and those around me.


How do I choose crystals for me? Where do I start?

There are so many crystals out there to choose from and at first it is hard to know which ones are for you. The advice I give my clients is to go with their intuition. In my experience, going with what you are naturally drawn to is the best way to choose crystals. Maybe a specific crystal catches your eye and looking at it makes you feel calm and peaceful. Another crystal might send a shiver through your body when you pick it up or make you become highly aware of something within your body, i.e. your heartbeat, breathe (lungs), temperature, etc.

Now of course, I will recommend different crystals for specific ailments with clients that I have done healing work on. And sometimes crystals that will help my clients will come to me through spiritual messages, but everyone should always follow their intuition. Once you open up to the healing energy of the crystals, they will find ways to guide you in ways that you will be able to understand. You may not be able to explain it very well, but you will understand and that is all that matters.


There is so much to learn about healing crystals and in the coming weeks, I will be posting a series of healing crystal blogs that will continue to go further in depth into the world of healing crystals and the ways you can incorporate them into your life! This will include: crystal care, crystal grids, crystals and the chakras, crystal meditation, crystal Feng Shui and much more!

If you are in the Phoenix area, be sure to check our Facebook and Meetup pages for upcoming healing crystal events and classes for an interactive approach to learning how to work with healing crystals. To learn more about our healing crystal sessions, check the Services page on our website!

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