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Strawberry Full Moon & Saturn's Slide - June 2018

The Full Moon and Summer Solstice are almost upon us! The Cosmos bring to us an interesting alignment that can bring about different outcomes from opposite sides of the spectrum. Over the past few weeks you have probably begun to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Things have started aligning to your heart and the universe is flowing beautifully with you. This was a calming transition into your next universal test. It will be important for everyone to be in control of their mind and emotions over the coming weeks.


Saturn Retrograde Begins to Test Us

The June full moon is also known as the Full Strawberry Moon because the phase marked the best time of year to harvest wild fruit, but don't let this name fool you. This full moon is dominated by a powerful conjunction to Saturn retrograde. This will increase seriousness and emotions of fear, guilt, sadness, restriction, and other lower vibration energies. If left unchecked, this could lead to distance in your intimate relationships. Most of these struggles will find themselves in the home and family sectors of your life. Dramatic situations involving family, loved ones, children, or your partner could lead to low energy, depression or rejection. If you find yourself experiencing these emotions, call them out for what they are.

Define the emotions you are feeling and demand control over them. Otherwise, they will demand control over you. This is also a time for guilt about past behaviors to creep up and it is important to recognize and release those feelings in order to overcome them. As I mentioned above, things have been going well and you are ready to take on more change in your life. Their is balance to everything and the universe is about to test you yet again so you can prove you are ready for more. The lessons you are about to learn might, and probably will be, very difficult. However, these lessons will also be extremely valuable.


Uranus & Fixed Star Kaus Borealis

(Capricorn) Support System

The Moon trine Uranus might be a weak influence due to it's positioning, but we will take any and all help we can in the coming weeks. Your awareness and consciousness will need to be on point and if you make a strong effort, you will be able to bring change and even excitement into your life during this time with little or no chaos. You will need to trust in your intuition and allow Uranus to free you from the over-cautious nature of Saturn.

Uranus brings the chance of new relationships and Saturn retrograde means they would likely be karmic encounters or past life contacts. During this time, Uranus can actually bring new life and excitement into a relationship that needs a jump start. Fixed star Kaus Borealis will also help you break free. It gives initiative and resourcefulness, an active mind and sense of justice. It helps in the promotion of idealistic and humane ideas. You will need each of those things if you plan on exiting this cycle on a high vibration. Lucky for you, it is well within your power to do so!


Summer Solstice to the Rescue

With the longest day of the year falling a week before this powerful full moon, the Summer Solstice couldn't have arrived at a better moment! This is the day of the year where the sun is at the highest point over the Equator, so the farthest north. Energetically, there is an opening up, like a portal of positive celestial potential.Many ancient cultures such as the Mayans, Essenes, Druids and Egyptians, who understood the spiritual significance of this natural event, built temples or structures that captured the divine moment of alignment, and there they would participate in sacred ceremonies. An example of this is the head of the Sphinx at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, is crowned by the sun of the summer solstice.

This is a time to celebrate the light of consciousness without yourself and every other individual on earth. Also, to reflect upon the potential for consciousness to awaken. This is a time on earth of great cosmic energy that we can tap into and lesson the effects of the other cosmic energy that could toss our worlds upside if we allow it to. Be aware of what you can use around you in the coming weeks to overcome the lessons and tests coming your way!


If you are interested in taking advantage of the cosmic energies that have presented themselves to us this month and are in the Phoenix area, come join us for a Full Moon Meditation & Release on June 27th at 7:30 pm. If you want to see a list of all our upcoming events, find us on Facebook or Meetup.

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