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Achieving Goals and Desires with Crystal Grids

The practice behind crystal grids and crystal grids themselves goes back thousands of years. Upon the completion of a crystal grid, the builder can then meditate with the intention to activate and accelerate the energy from the grid to the intention it was created for. This is a powerful practice and their are some things you should know about building your first crystal grid.

Now keep in mind the approach to any grid is different. I tell all my clients that they should follow their heart and intuition. If you are guided to do something differently, that is totally fine! This is just meant to be a foundation for somewhere for you to begin. The more you practice building grids, the more you will be guided to just follow what feels right.

The steps I am about to go over originally came from a book by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski. They dive into the world of Crystal Therapy and when I first came across their book years ago, I used their grid steps as a foundation and have added and changed many pieces over the years for my clients healing sessions. Like I said, get an idea of a grids purpose from what you read here, then let your heart and intuition do the rest!


Nine Steps to the Grid

1. Determine Its Intention. What is it all about? Why do you want to build a grid in the first place and what do you want to get out of it? You can build a grid with the intention to support any goal, intention, or desire, so all you need to do first is just decide. You could want to increase your connection with the Archangels, heal an ongoing back issue, or bring more positive relationships into your life. There is no wrong answer here. Once you have decided, you need clear focus on your intentions because this is going to amplify your thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions.

If you have any fears, doubts, guilt, or other emotions that could get in the way, call upon your guides and the Archangels for assistance. Doreen and Judith recommend Archangel Jophiel in order to maintain a positive outlook. Through my work with the Archangels I have since called upon Archangel Uriel for assistance in these situations, but that is just an example of how you will adjust as your work continues.

2. Decide on the Size. This is really all up to you. When dealing with healing crystals, you are handling very high vibration energies and because of that, a grid with the radius the size of your average pancake can be just as powerful as a grid that you can lay down in the middle of. The biggest thing to consider when deciding the size is to ask yourself if you need to be able to lay or sit in the center for any specific reasons. Sitting inside will allow you to really feel and experience the vibrations going on within. Typically, when I am trying to heal a physical, behavioral, or emotional ailment within myself or one of my clients, I build a grid large enough for the patient to sit in. When the intention of the grid is more drawing something into myself or the client's life or increase spiritual gifts or communication, I tend to use a small size grid.

3. Find a Location. This is an important part of the process because it adds to the intentions and focus you put out into the universe. There will be times the location for your grid is obvious. For example, if you are building a grid to help you sleep better, the obvious choice is the bedroom where you sleep. Other times, it may not be obvious but the important thing is that it is somewhere you can focus without interruption and if you'd like the grid to work for an extended period of time, then somewhere it will not be disturbed when you are not around. Personally, I am a big fan of creating grids for myself outdoors. I find a additional amplification of the grids power when it is placed in nature, which is where the crystals came from in the first place.

4. Use Feng Shui. This step is not mandatory, but it is another step that will help accelerate and amplify the powerful energy of your grid. Feng Shui is used to balance the energy within the home and is practiced by many individuals throughout the world. The Bagua Map refers to a grid consisting of nine squares. this grid can be laid over any room of your home to create nine different areas. Search anywhere on the internet for more information about the Bagua Map. Feng Shui can be beneficial in certain situations, for example, if you are looking to improve your love life, you can build a grid in the Relationship/Love sector of your bedroom for accelerated results.

5. Clear the Space. This is something I do before any client session begins and really anytime I feel it needs to be done. The whole idea of clearing the space is really just purifying and lifting the energy in the area. You can do this a number of different ways. I typically burn sage in the area, but you can also use salt lamps, sound bowls or gongs, or even call up your guides or the Archangels.

6. Create Ambiance. Music, candles, incense, etc. all add to a peaceful and tranquil space for you to meditate in. This is not a must have, but it definitely increases the experience.

7. Place the Crystals. It is finally time to begin putting the grid together! Typically a grid will consist of crystals that connect directly with your set intention (like rose quartz for love and romance) and clear quartz points or selenite sticks. The points and sticks connect the energy of the purpose stones. If you are using quartz points, just remember to have all the points facing the same direction. This will amplify and promote the flow of energy. In my experience, if trying to bring energy inward it helps to have all the points facing left or counterclockwise. If trying the send energy outward, have all the points facing right, or clockwise.

8. Meditate and Empower the Grid. This is when the work begins! Find somewhere comfortable to sit, either within the crystals or next to them. Begin to visualize lines of energy connecting the crystals together. If you are having troubling clearing the mind, just give it something to focus on. Focus inward on your breathing and keep your eyes on the grid. Visualize that energy flying between the crystals open your heart to whatever happens in the process. You may start to see various lines everywhere, shapes, and colors. You may even start to hear celestial music or wind swirling sounds. All of these are displays of converging power and energies so don't be alarmed if that does happen.

9. Listen. Now it's time to really go inward, deep within ourselves where our connection lives in order to get the results we are looking for. Focus on your breathe in order to quiet the mind and pay close attention to any ideas, words, visions, or feelings that come to you. When you begin to experience the divine ideas, words, visions, or feelings it will be natural for you to begin analyzing them right away. Quiet your mind again and surrender any distracting thoughts or worries about what you are experiencing to the angels so that you may visualize your desire as already complete and as always, show gratitude. Send gratitude to the Universe for it's ever flowing abundance, to the angels and your guides for their assistance and guidance, and then conclude the meditation with positive affirmations.


Each time you build and use a crystal grid, you will develop a greater awareness and understanding of its energy and power - so remember to relax through this process, have fun, and release any doubts or concerns. If you are just beginning, you can look up ideas for specific grids that may help you with the goals or desires you have chosen. However, I always encourage my clients to go at it blind the first time and see how it goes. You might be more connected to the direction you should take than you think! We are spiritual beings and we all share the same gifts. The level at which those gifts are at only depends on how open you are to your gifts and the trust you have in yourself!

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