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Don't Shoot the Arrow - My Largest Test as a Spiritual Healer

Early in my spiritual development, I went through a period of time (approximately 14-15 months) when I was highly focused and engaged in my own personal healing and releasing. Of course the healing doesn't really stop, but during this time I was regularly attending healing and meditation sessions and different spiritual healing groups, all of which focused on my ability to release and heal my spiritual, emotion, physical, and psychological self. In many cases I would do this a few times a week, but there is one reiki session I had that sticks out the most to me.

This was long before I became a Master Reiki Teacher myself and the reiki session were really helping me make room within myself to start working on my own spiritual gifts. After the session was completed, as usual the Reiki Master had some messages for me from my guides, guardian Angels, and Archangels. Archangel Uriel had come through a few times before, but this time Uriel had a simple message, "Don't shoot the arrow."

During this time my intuition was beginning to take off. I was starting to get pretty good at grounding and meditation. I began understanding and knowing things without really knowing how. I had reach a milestone in my own healing and at that moment, a level of wisdom and knowledge and been unlocked and was now a part of me. Uriel was illustrating me with a bow and arrows. The arrows represented all the wisdom and knowledge I had gained with the intention of passing it on to others so that they can then heal themselves.

Uriel was reminding me that I could end up doing more harm than good if I were to proceed in: trying to teach people who aren't open to a higher perspective, or try to heal someone who doesn't want to be healed, or give a message to someone who isn't ready to receive the message. At first, this was my biggest struggle. With all the work I had done on myself, I was excited to be moving into a position to return the favor to the Universe and help others. I needed to remember that not everyone could be helped and not everyone wanted to be helped.

It was a very strange time for me. With my intuition strengthening and my connection to energies increasing, my passion for spiritual healing became clear. I consider myself a spiritual healer. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Psychic, Sound and Crystal Healing Therapist, Meditation Coach, and Ordained Minister. However, with all the "titles" and certificates I remind myself that no one can be healed unless they want it. So in reality, I function more as a vessel to aid others in finding the means to heal themselves.

I walk through life wanting to aid everyone that I can in anyway that I can, but it doesn't happen like that and it can't. People find spiritual healers when they are ready to find them. Don't get me wrong, I send intentions out. Intentions that people who are ready for my help will find me, but their spiritual journey doesn't begin until they want it to.

Not shooting the arrow is a constant test of mine from the Universe, and I believe many spiritual healers struggle with the same struggle. I speak directly to any spiritual healers our there, have faith in yourself and know that you are human too. Don't spend too much energy on those who don't want your help so that you may be ready to open your arms to those who are ready! Then we can raise the vibration of the planet, one person at a time!

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