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Grounding with the Earth - Allow Yourself to Naturally Heal

I talk about grounding with pretty much all of my clients. Part of that is because grounding was such an important part of my path (and still is). When I first started working on healing myself and raising my vibration, I needed to work on grounding every single day. The other part I talk about grounding with nearly all my clients is because we are emotional beings made up of energy. It is easy for us to fall into patterns of soaking up all the energy we come into contact with each day. Said energy could be from situations, environments, people, etc. I, like many others, was holding onto a large portion of all the energy I was feeling on a daily basis, not even realizing that the majority of that energy wasn't mine. Grounding will help remedy all of that and allows your awareness of energy to increase and your consciousness of your own energy to strengthen.


Grounding is the process of reconnecting yourself with the earths energy and there are two effective ways you can do this for increased grounding benefits. First, you can simply have direct contact with the earth or your skin. This can be achieved by sitting in grass, walking barefoot, sitting in the sand at the beach, etc. Science has proven that, we are bio-electrical beings and our bodies are made up of trillions (maybe more) of atoms that all hold an electrical charge, not to mention all of the other things we come into contact with on a daily basis that also hold an electrical charge.


The second effective way I have found for grounding is through meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool when practiced regularly. When intentions are set and meditation is focused on your connection with the earth, grounding also occurs. I have included a meditation below that you can use to help ground.

  • find somewhere comfortable to sit (outside, in contact with the Earth will increase your experience, but it isn't a must to achieve grounding)

  • take some deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth to quiet the mind and begin to focus inward

  • visualize a bright, golden waterfall above your crown chakra - it falls down into your crown and enters your body

  • as it travels down the body, it travels through each chakra - opening and unblocking each chakra to allow energy to flow freely through the body

  • the water exits your feet and into the ground - visualize the water flowing towards the core of the earth

  • when the water reaches the core - you slide down the waterfall - all the way into the core of the earth

  • once you enter the core, it takes a minute for your eyes to adjust, but you find yourself in a forest

  • you can't believe this forest is in the core of the earth, so you walk around - you feel the ground under your feet as you walk

  • you come across a huge tree - you feel drawn to it - you are in awe of it's size

  • you reach out and touch the trunk of the tree - you step forward and find yourself inside the trunk of the tree

  • it's very comforting in the tree - you reach you arms upwards and stretch them out as they become the branches of the tree - feel the branches in the breeze - feel their strength and the life within them

  • reach your legs downward towards the root of the tree - stretch them out as they become the roots - feel how deep they go under ground and how strong they are - feel how anchors the tree is with the massive root system int he ground

  • show gratitude for this experience as the tree - to feel how grounded and center you are now in the core of the earth

  • you reach out and touch the trunk and step back out into the forest - you listen for the sound of the golden waterfall - and you walk towards it

  • when you find it, you reach out and touch the water - as you touch the water, it slowly brings you back up the waterfall back towards your body on the crust of the earth

  • as you are brought back into your body - take a moment to feel your breath, wiggle your fingers and toes, and remember to send more gratitude

Remember there isn't just one way to ground and there isn't just one meditation you can use to ground either. Use what you have read as a foundation and go with what you are drawn to. If you want to learn more about our Grounding Meditation events click on the link and find us on Facebook and Meetup for upcoming dates!

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