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You Are Intuitive and You Can Learn to Develop Your Intuition

Intuition. A word most of us are familiar with, but probably haven't put very much thought into even though we are all intuitive beings. Have you ever randomly thought of someone and later that day they called you or you ran into them? Have you ever felt as if something was coming and it was going to really test you? Then suddenly maybe you are laid-off from your job or a surprise tax bill from the IRS shows up in the mail. Whatever the exact situation or circumstances, I am sure you can relate to situations like that on some level.

Many people decide that situations like that are coincidence and that's exactly what it is, a choice. You now have a choice, either decide those situations are coincidence, or have faith it is your natural intuition at work. Years ago I decided to have faith that it was my intuition and since then, it has been confirmed time and time again.

Our intuition can take many different forms in our lives in order to communicate with us. Although intuition is also guided by our third-eye chakra, it is also our ideas, creative inspirations, or feelings of apprehension. It comes to us as 'feels' and 'sounds' yet still within the voice of our own thoughts. Our Intuition connects us to a frequency of communication between us and the universe and comes with a deep understanding or a knowing of deep inner truths.

Benefits of Developing Your Intuition

Using your intuition frequently allows you to identify and handle problems more efficiently. This reduces the overall levels of stress in your life. With stress levels down, your ability to boost imagination and creativity increases greatly. Learning to develop your intuition is especially helpful to those who feel as if they are missing something out of life. By learning to become more aware of and communicate with your intuition, you create an awareness of your true purpose and calling in life.

Expanding your skills communicating with your intuition (yourself) will also allow you to be open to new ideas that can lead to success and positive shifts in your life. With all the new benefits you are experiencing from developing your intuition, your confidence will be boosted in your own judgement and wisdom. You will soon find yourself being a truer version of yourself, more genuine and authentic.


How to Develop Your Intuition

The first step to developing your intuition is knowing that you are already intuitive. Once you've set your mind straight about the idea there are some things that you can begin incorporating into your daily life to begin developing your intuition.

1. Start a spiritual journal. The best thing you can do is just start carrying a notebook around with you. I know that sounds excessive, but it's not for no reason. You are beginning to start a dialogue with the inner workings of your being and direct connection to the universe so being able to look back and recall will be beneficial to you. A journal can take make forms but try to include the following:

  • positive affirmations: phrases you repeat back to yourself with the intention of a self-fulfilling prophecy

  • synchronicities: these are your "coincidental" moments in life, when everything in that exact moment feels completely aligned no matter how forthright or subtle it may be

  • signs of communicate: repeating patterns, numbers, songs, visions, thoughts, etc.

  • dreams: keeping the journal by your bed to write down any dreams you have or anything that may wake you up in the night

2. Meditate. For many, meditation is essential in developing their intuition. It is important because many of us spend a lot of time outside of the present moment. Think about it, how much of your time is spend thinking about the past or future? Many people live with constant reminder of what has happened to them in their lives. Other times, they are anxious and worried about what's to come in the future. Including meditation into your daily or weekly life will allow you to spend more time in the present moment. This quiets the mind and directs your attention inward, towards your intuition.

3. Test Yourself. Think of your intuition like a muscle and it's time to hit the gym. The beauty with this is the countless ways you can strengthen this muscle! Some of the ways you can test and push yourself are:

  • Angel/Oracle Deck - if you feel drawn to purchase a deck, I recommend starting with an angel or oracle deck (Doreen Virtue has a number of great options). Pull one card a the beginning of the day. Hold it, see how it make you feel, then go about your day. At the conclusion, read the spiritual message of the card. Even if you were wrong, that's perfectly fine (and normal), it's still a message from your Angels!

  • Ask Questions - these questions could be anything, from who is going to call you tomorrow to should I change careers - ask yourself then document the answer you come up with and see if it comes true.

  • Healing Crystals - hold a crystal in your hand (one you don't already know all the properties to) and see how it makes you feel. Then see if what you felt matches the properties of the crystal. Always be sure to ground before doing this to sharpen your focus and heighten your awareness.


The most important thing is to continue to develop and grow the process with yourself. Pick a starting point and you will be guided to other ways of developing your intuition along the way. Try to be creative as possible and learn to listen to yourself. Your world will then open up! If you are interested in learning more about developing your intuition, check out our upcoming intuition class on MeetUp! I hope to see you there!

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