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Solar Eclipse & New Moon - July 12th, 2018

The powers of the new moon are often over shadowed and over looked by the respect people have for the full moon, but both situations are equally as important. The new moon marks the first phase of a new lunar cycle. The Earth, Sun, and Moon are aligned at this time with the Moon residing directly in between (this is why we don't see the new moon in the sky, the sun is shinning completely on the side of the moon that doesn't face the Earth). Ironically, if we on the opposite side of the moon during this time, it would be a full moon.


So what does the new moon symbolize?

That round glowing rock in the sky is more powerful then most of us imagine. The moon is responsible for the moving of the oceans, the tides, plant growth, and even humans are effected by it's powerful energy. Think about that, water is the element that governs our emotions and even water is transformed by the moons energies.

Simply, the new moon symbolizes new beginnings. You can harness this energy to set new goals or begin new projects. If everything in this Universe operates in cycles, just as the moon, so think of this time (or phase) as a birth or a time to start fresh. The new moon is symbolic of the second chance we are given over and over again. If everything went wrong by the time of the full moon and we made every mistake we could have possibly made, the new moon gifts us with a clean slate.


So what's special about June 12th, 2018?

On Thursday, July 12th, 2018, the new moon and sun will join forces in the sign of Cancer. Although all the cosmic and spiritual properties (and energies) of the new moon will still be active, the solar eclipse energy takes the main stage during this phase. This will signal a good time in your life for transformation. Especially, to transform something in your life holding your back from happiness or success. The impressive Grand Trine with the planets Venus, Saturn, and Uranus will allow you to apply this transformation your love life, finances, or creative work. You'll need hard work and determination to take advantage of this cosmic energies and prevent them from bringing chaos and crisis into your life.


Lookout for Crisis from the Opposition of Pluto

With the Sun opposite Pluto, it brings a possibility of crisis with your self-esteem, relationship, or an event. Typically, this happens due to a self-destructive character trait in which you possess. This is why it will be important to be aware of your thoughts, actions, and mind patterns during this time. A solar eclipse opposite Pluto urges you to transform for the better. To take the steps to increase consciousness and awareness, to evolve your soul so that you may live a life of high satisfaction.

With Pluto in retrograde, this represents a time of reflection about power and control in your life. This would be a very unwise time for a power trip. If you are someone who is (or has been) manipulated or controlled by others, now is the time to let them go and free yourself from them. If you are someone who typically like control over people, situations, etc. then it is time for you to let go. Bring you controlling habits come to the surface and call them out for what they are. Accept that these emotions and patterns are inside you then release them. This is actually a perfect time for taking a direct, and even aggressive approach to your control and power issues.


Solar Eclipse Grand Trine

Much of the cosmic energies we have discussed thus far talks about transformation, but the Grand Trine (shown as the blue triangle in the chart below) between Venus, Saturn, and Uranus will create a balanced harmonious way of dealing with the crisis at hand. Grand Trine energies typically bring in natural talent and creative potential in order to solve problems peacefully.

Venus trine Saturn is ideal for committing to a relationship and making long-term investments. All relationships can benefit from your sensible approach and steady affections. Venus trine Uranus gives an urge to try something new that can apply to all areas of life, from hobbies to romance. Your affections will be stimulated and new love is possible. If you already have a partner then you will be seeking a different kind of pleasure. Saturn trine Uranus represents a transition phase in life which works so well with Pluto as the transformer.


Even with crisis happening (or at a high risk) this is a great time for positive change in your life. The Grand Tine will smooth out the typically more dramatic transformation brought by Pluto. Be sure to be creative and true in your self-expression. Remain calm and patient, and if you must, find new ways of doing old things.

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