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Sun and Moon

“ sun and stars.”

You’re everything that shines bright. Mama always told me to be at my best so you could follow in my steps.

Joyfully I agreed, because you’ve always completed me.

You were always the Sun and I was always the Moon; all I ever wanted was to keep the darkness from you. Only a year apart but always felt so connected at heart. From learning to skate to riding a bike; you and I always stood side by side. Still remember holding you down to kiss and tickle you until you couldn’t breathe.

God, you mean so much to me.

Look at us now, oh how time flies. We’re all grown up and starting our lives. I know I haven’t told you as much as I should, but baby girl I love you.

Sun and moon tattooed on my skin because just like you, it’ll always be a part of me.

#sun #moon #love #AwakenOneLove #poetry

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