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Full 'Cold Moon' in Gemini: Brings an Overwhelming War of Energies - Winter Solstice & R

There are many different cosmic influences at play for the final Full Moon of 2019 on December 11th. This December full moon is also known as the Cold Moon and occurs at Gemini. With other factors like Venus, Saturn, and Pluto this moon will bring both our family and intimate relationships into sharper focus (an energy that will stay sharpened a couple weeks). These factors can also bring about serious challenges regarding love or money. Restoring balance will be important on this full moon, to set the tone for the next two weeks before the full moon cycle ends Winter Solstice on December 21st.


How will this full moon be different from others?

This Cold Moon can bring about the cold heart emotions out of yourself and those you care about. It will be easy to follow your emotions into isolation, sadness, relationship problems, and financial hardships. At the same time other cosmic energies will increase your own personal need for love and affection. It will be important to remember not to get caught up in jealousy or toxic infatuation. If tensions within relationships are allowed to be created then something must happen to restore balance. Otherwise it will prove to be very difficult to find any harmony within your intimate relationships.

The next few weeks bring some serious challenges hitting a crisis point in your life and you must take action! Hard choices will need to be made all around, but your ability to make those choices will be tested to the highest level. If you exercise patience and determination as you face these upcoming challenges you invite positive energy of high vibration in to balance then you can bring energy of honor, wealth, and luxury into your life as a reward from the Universe for you learning your lessons through the tests of this two week full moon cycle.

This full moon in the sign of Gemini will actually be visible in the Taurus constellation - this is due to the Precession of the Equinoxes. This brings some of the energies from the stars in the Taurus constellation into relevance as well. This brings a fighting spirit to help give you the courage to fight on if you would only accept it. Find this energy and harness it to sharpen your strategic mind and quick decision making. This Cold Moon has a high chance of leaving you cold and alone if not checked. Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are found in rare triple conjunction. Powerful energies that contradict one another will be joining and hitting us full force. These energies will have no fighting power against you and will be unable to harm you if you are able to let go of whatever it is that is feeding them.


What can you do to use this Cold Moon to your advantage?

One of the most important things you can do is remember to ground yourself and keep yourself grounded. Ground yourself daily - as many times as it takes for you to be able to remain aware of the emotions trying to control you. Grounding has been around for centuries with many proven benefits. Check out one of our past blogs about grounding and how it allows yourself to start naturally healing on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Letting go of things you're holding can bring much mental clarity to issues that have been troubling you. If this is something new to you - group events are usually very beneficial for those new to grounding and meditating and to those currently practicing.

Wednesday, December 11th, Awaken One Love will be hosting a Full Moon Meditation Event that will guide you through a grounding meditation, assist in releasing what you need to let go of, and bringing clarity to the abundance of mixed energies about to overload our world. To learn more about this event Click Here.


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