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A Letter from the Founder: COVID-19

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

We are no experiencing a major global energy shift, it can now no longer be argued that all of our lives are changing forever. Difficult times are ahead, we will all be tested, and the worst is more than likely ahead of us. The good news...? We are all in this together! Make no mistake, we are in this together for the long run and as most small business are in the process doing, we must all adjust and adapt to survive.

I find myself in a rather awkward and unfamiliar situation writing this letter as it is not just to inform about changes to the business, but also to ask for help. Many times in my experiences I am asked what the name of my business means. During one of my spiritual awakening experiences I came to a deep understanding of this idea of oneness. Already being a a big fan of - physics and astrophysics, Einstein and Tesla, etc. - the understanding of how we are all connected for the simple fact that it's all energy, opened up many doors for me. So many things in the world around me: my past, the present, etc. made more sense. Things were "clicking" on a deeper level than I ever experienced. The experience specifically, I describe as the climax of my entire spiritual awakening experience. You could say it was the day Awaken One Love was born. Even though the business wasn't even a thought yet, that day began the thinking that led me to Awaken the idea in others, that we are all One, and the way to do that was through unconditional Love. Through different wellness, self-care, holistic, and alternative medicine - Awaken One Love has been assisting others since 2016.

Love is of the most powerful of the human emotions. Possibly an energy that vibrates so high, it is the emotion that directly connects us to the consciousness of the Universe, and all contained within it. Just maybe, higher beings look out after us for no other reason except we are able to vibrate at a frequency of unconditional Love. The starting path for experiencing higher dimensions from the dimensions the Earth already provides. Regardless of your beliefs on existence or the God(s) you choose, we should all be able to agree that Love is deserved to be shown to both ourselves and our neighbors. In doing so, we may be able to accomplish the idea of One race, the human race and stop making the same mistakes over and over again. History only needs to repeat itself if we let it.

Even though I have made the decision to suspend all in-person events hosted by Awaken One Love indefinitely, I did so with a heavy heart. The mission will still go on during this time, as it is a time our message is needed most! In order to adapt and bring our messages, services, and guidance to you during a time of stay-at-home orders and social distancing, I am rolling out new initiatives to continue on our mission with the new lifestyle mind. These roll-outs include:

  • COVID-19 Blog: this blog will contain real first-hand accounts and stories from medical workers on the front lines during this pandemic, ways to stay positive during a pandemic, how to deal with social distancing, current local situations, what this pandemic could mean for the human race, small business shout outs, and more.

  • Angel Readings by Phone: Angel Readings are our most unique and popular reading. These readings will be available and booked through our Facebook page. A 20% discount will be applied to each reading at checkout until the end of this pandemic.

  • Live & Online Guided Meditations: over the coming weeks, we will be rolling out new online guided meditations that will happen live. Members can RSVP through our MeetUp page and are given a link to the meditation once the RSVP is made. Each different meditation will be aimed to assist in different areas of your life, beginning with our Stress Release & Grounding on Saturday, April 4th at 8 am (local time) and continuing every Saturday morning after. Each meditation class in our Live & Online group will be offered for just $5, nearly an 85% discount, until the end of this pandemic.

  • Awaken One Love App: The creation of an app has already begun and once completed with play host to our services, online classes, blog, meditation sessions, and more!

  • Social Media / Marketing Positions: if our goal is reached Awaken One Love will be opening a part-time, work from home position, that will involve social media, marketing, and administration duties. These applications will be pulled from members of the local service and hospitality industry that have recently lost their jobs.

I am grateful to be able to offer assistance during such uncertain and difficult times, but it can't be done without you all! Small business, like my own, are facing immediate & dangerous circumstances. I encourage you all to support your local businesses! Uber Eats is offering free delivery from local restaurants to help them out! Call your local stores if you need something, find out if they are open before going to a chain - the little ones need your help! Share posts of your favorite local stores and small business, do whatever you can! I would appreciate any shares, like comments, bookings, etc. Everything helps!

In order to assist in the transition from our in-person services and events to on--line services and events, I have created a GoFundMe. Times are difficult and I ask that no one who has been hurt by this pandemic even donate a $1. That was not the purpose of the GoFund. Instead it was aimed for a radio contest in which businesses would be able to help other businesses. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay in the contest as my business no longer has a physical address at the moment. I left the fundraising going because if you know of a company, corporation, or charity group looking to donate to small businesses - then I ask and encourage you to please share my GoFund with them!

I hope to see some of you online! I wish everyone nothing but the best during these times. Stay calm and be kind to one another! What the world and humanity look like after this is all over, will drastically be determined by how we act and treat one another during this crisis. Thank you!

One Love,

Drew Maheras

Founder of Awaken One Love

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