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Bring Comfort into Your Self-Healing with the Angel of Death

Archangel Azrael, or more commonly known as the "Angel of Death" brings comfort to those not just on their death bed, but all who call on him. Even if you were to search for images of him on the internet, many would be dark, scary looking beings. However, in truth his pale yellow tone, vanilla cream colored energy is soothing and comforting. Azrael is often called the Angel of Death because he meets souls at the moment of their passing. Guiding them to the other side and into the spiritual realm on the other side of the vail. In truth, Azrael is there to help those during any time in which healing is needed.

If you have come across this message today, you may be at a point in time where you require some healing. It could be emotional, spiritual, physical, etc. and it could be something from your past or near the present moment. You can call on Azrael you assist you in your healing. Ask him to help guide the low vibration energy out of your body to be cleansed. Ask Azrael to guide new, high vibration energy into your body to replace what you just released.

Azrael's guiding spirit will help you heal when you are finding it difficult to concentrate on doing do. Times like that can often find their way into our lives. We get so caught up with: all the things we have to get done, all the goals or plans we have for the future, all the relationships we manage in our lives both personal and professional, etc. It's a never ending cycle of, what's next? This is incredibly exhausting on your entire being. That is why self-care and self-healing are so important. We carry all of this extra baggage energy around with us, day in and day out. Sometimes we unload that energy in the wrong places, sometimes we fair to unload it when needed. Call on Azrael to help give you confidence in transitioning that overload of energy out calmly and peacefully.

The Archangels have many abilities and powers, given the high vibration energy that is their existence. We often get lost on names, stigmas, etc. and forget that each of the Archangels are here to help us in any way possible whenever we call on them. It's important to remember, that free will is something that can't be taken away from us. Therefore, without asking the Archangels for help, they don't involve themselves.

One of the reasons my Angel Readings have become so popular is because they aren't your basic psychic reading. I work with the client to set the right intentions and then ask the Archangels to deliver the messages the client is ready to hear. With that comes an experience that leaves many of my clients speechless. Once you set the intention that you want help from the angels, you will be amazed at how many of them are ready to deliver their wisdom. After that, the Universe does the rest in delivering the messages. What you choose to do after that, is entirely up to you!

The choices you mark in this life will always be yours and yours alone, but to live a life and not use the powerful energies around you to your advantage is foolish. Life will continue to through challenges our way. Each one a test or a lesson that we must learn from. These lessons continue until we have learned what we have needed. Why not call on the Archangels and Spirit Guides for some help? After all, that energy is available to each of us for a reason! You can learn more about my Angel Readings by following the link! If you want to chat about it, feel free to message me here! One Love!

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