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Clear Negative Energy and Attract Positive Energy - Essential Oil Spray - Cleanse

Humans have used aromatic plants to heal, scent, and beautify the body for as far back as recorded history goes. They also played a major role in preserving food due to their antibacterial properties. Physicians, herbalists, botanists, and healers have used these plants for thousands of years and today essential oils are steadily becoming well known worldwide. With the number of people who are aware of the miraculous properties these oils have growing exponentially, it's no surprise how popular they are becoming.

Cleanse is a purifying spray that cleanses and clears negative energy at the same time it attract positive energy. Made of a special mixture of Sage and Orange essential oils, this spray will assist in reducing stress, relieving emotional tension, and reducing anger and irritability. This cooling mist will also promote mental clarity and awareness - allowing you to focus on releasing that negative energy and replacing it with the positive energy.

Cleanse can also double as a 'smudge' spray. Smudging is a Native American tradition that cleanses feelings, energy, and negative spirits. Cleansing places, people, or things; smudging is done by burning specific dried herbs (i.e. sage, palo santo, etc.) and letting the smoke float around the item, place, or person. Personally, this is the spray I like to use to cleanse my healing crystals that I use in my healing sessions and events. It's a quick way to ensure there is no lingering energy when I use them for assisting clients, and that they are at their highest vibration energy possible.

Spray this mist directly onto items you want cleansed - one or two sprays is plenty. If you are in need of using this spray on yourself - spray the mist 2 times in the air, walk through the mist with your eyes close and take a slow, deep breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. If you want to smudge a specific room in the house, just spray high in the air (once in each corner of the room and once in the middle) and allow the mist to float through the air as it falls to the floor.

If you want to check out some of the other Products we have to offer, just click the link. We have plenty of sprays to choose from - including other healing tools that will assist you in personal growth, spiritual development, and overall peacefulness and wellness.

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