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Energies on High Alert: Lunar Eclipse - Full Moon November 30, 2020

As we near the conclusion of the year, the cosmos are here to remind us what 2020 should have possibly been teaching us all, but in true 2020 fashion of course. Novembers' Full Moon brings with it a lunar eclipse in the sign on Gemini that will be highly charged and bring with it large amounts of energy. What this overload of energy means for you will be determined by how well you recognize these energies and use them to your advantage. Lacking awareness and mindfulness during this time could cause much stress and anxiety to overtake you.

What about a Lunar Eclipse makes it so important?

Like a full moon, a lunar eclipse happens when the Sun if opposite the Moon (see image below). In the case of a lunar eclipse, the Earth will pass in perfect alignment casting a shadow on the moon. This opposite of astral bodies is what creates such high and intense energies during these times. The Sun and Moon are both powerful and important, yet conflicting energies and we here on Earth will find ourselves right in the middle of those energies.

Lunar Eclipse Alignment

These energies specifically tend to bring your intimate relationships, home, and family into sharp focus. Your personal relationships with anyone involving these categories could be unbalanced if you refuse to obtain the awareness and mindfulness mentioned at the beginning. Understand and embrace that you are a powerful being and can use those energies to your advantage. Your own abilities are increased during this time as well so use things like you intuition and emotional strength to ensure all your healthy and positive personal relationships survive. Much like any full moon, the need to release all that no longer serves you will be even greater! A lunar eclipse signifies the resetting of your emotions, so get ready to clear 6-8 months of 2020 muck and energy our of the way for new, high vibration energy.

What makes this Lunar Eclipse different and more intense than others?

This Lunar Eclipse activated the most intense axis in the sky - fixed stars Aldebaran and Antares or better known as The Eye of the Bull and The Heart of the Scorpion. It is also Venus opposite Uranus, Moon quincunx Venus, & Sun quincunx Uranus. So what the heck does all that mean for us? Well you can see in the chart the extreme polarity of all these astrological forces during this time. This polarity brings with it many tests.

Your need for love an affection could very well increase at the same time tension within said relationship increases. You need to be aware if are becoming more needy in your relationship. In many cases, the amount of love received will not be the amount of love given during this time. If you have unresolved mother or father issues (more specifically mother this time around) then get ready for those emotions to resurface.

Through a sense on impeding change, it is easy to feel anxious and unable to relax. All the nervous tension you may experience is going to test your abilities to remain balanced. It is likely, that with the overload of energy you will try to seek out more freedom. It may be a good time to set some time aside for some self-expression or creativity. Something that channels the things the you feeling and expresses them in a safe manner. Remember to also stay flexible during this time. As humans, a great strength we can utilize is adaptiveness. Resisting change is putting yourself between a rock and a hard place. Embrace the change, learn from it, and utilize the incoming energies through your strengths.

This lunar eclipse and the next solar eclipse in December mark the start of a new eclipse cycle. This is even more significant because many of there energies will last until the next lunar eclipse in May next Spring. The good news about these energies lasting so long is that there is also a good chance for wealth and riches during this time. If and only if, you are able to use these energies to your advantage and keep mindful and aware of your subconscious then the Universe has set the path for making money. Fixed star Aldebaran is favorable for business, riches, honor, and wealth.


Although it will not be an easy eclipse cycle ahead, there is much to gain from the overload of energies we are about to experience. Be sure to keep yourself balanced and mindful. It's important to also check the ego and the subconscious during these times. Many people around the world have struggled throughout 2020. In all aspects of life people have needed to adapt and many people have found themselves losing financially during the pandemic. The Universe had lit the path to regaining financial strength and security, but you will be tested in order to climb out of the dark and into the light. What have you learned through this time we live? What has 2020 taught you already? Will you apply what you have learned to take advantage of these energies? Time will tell! One Love!

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