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Full Moon in Leo, Sun in Aquarius - Jupiter Brings Abundant Opposition Energies - January 28th, 2021

A new cycle is beginning and it is marked by the full moon in Leo this January. This is a time of abundant energy and not just from the promise of fulfillment you started with January's powerful New Moon to begin the year. This energized full moon will bring even more energy that all will feel (most will do so consciously). With the Sun conjunct Jupiter on the same day, many will feel very outgoing, optimistic, generous, and many will have a day of good luck. Although this full moon will bring an abundance of positive energy that you can harness, this over load of opposition energy could overfill a cup that is nearly full.

It will be important to remain grounded on, and leading up to, the full moon on January 28th. This energy will give you a commanding presence, but remember that you are no better than anyone else. An inflated ego can cause arrogance, selfishness, overindulgence, waste, and ultimately unbalance. No one is ever free from putting their ego in check. Stay mindful during this time, or this energy could end up getting the better of you. If you are in a relationship, this could be a very emotional time - but a time for romance and fertilization, especially for signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius (couples or individuals). Those who find themselves unable to be grounded and mindful on their thoughts during this full moon cycle, could find themselves in a position of over flowing emotions. In this state, it will be easy for your anger to get the best of you. Don't allow this energy to overtake you! Find yourself and regain your power within your own energy.

What Makes This Full Moon Special?

This full moon in Leo will occur when the Sun is in opposition of the moon. During January's full moon, the Sun will be in Aquarius. This Leo-Aquarius polarity will bring into the light all that is personal (Leo) and all that is impersonal (Aquarius). With this unique opposition, all are encouraged to find balance between romance and friendship. Are your boundaries visible? Someone doesn't know your boundaries if they remain in your head.

This opposition could also bring about a clash between feelings of individualism and being a team player. The pride of a Leo moon coupled with the individualism of the Aquarius sun makes it easier to forget that being a team player is important. Being mindful of our thoughts, bringing that mindfulness into our conscious, and holding ourselves accountable to that awareness is much easier said than done. However, being able to harness this abundance of energy to your benefit isn't a gift for those not willing to put work into it. The Universe always seems to come full circle, so it makes sense that this abundance of energy will only available to those able to keep their ego in check.

One this is for certain, this full moon will urge us to no longer sit on our feelings. One way or the other, these energies will overflow and how we respond will make all the difference. It's not about what side of the scale you find yourself on, it's about balance. We will feel the opposition of energies and the Universe will be testing all of us right at the start of 2021 without hesitation. All the emotions you will be feeling may be intense, but bringing that understanding into your consciousness, especially in that moment, will make all the difference. If you are able to do that, this full moon is yours!

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