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King of Fire - Tarot Card - Focus, Focus, Focus

Hello to all out there! The Tarot card of the day is the King of Fire. This is a very suiting card given tomorrow is the morning of the ring of fire solar eclipse and with the cosmic energies at play with so many planets in retrograde.

The King of Fire core vibes come from

the Minor Arcana and the Suit of Fire

The Minor Arcana

Reflects the day-to-day aspects of our lives and how it is affecting you. These practical cards represent the interactions, experiences, thoughts and emotions you encounter as you go about your life.

The Suit of Fire

Represents our ideas and inspirations. It's where we feel passion, display amazing creativity, and set our dreams into motion. This element corresponds to our career, art, adventure, risk taking, and self-development. Fire can also represent any of our passions. We've chosen friendly dragons as the symbol for this suit because of their fiery nature and their iconic place in our imaginations.

So what does the King of Fire mean for you and how does it relate to what you just read about the Arcana and Suit? It's a pretty intense message so if you have felt more anxious or on edge the past month (even if it's starting to ease up) then this message is strongly for you! Even if you haven't felt that way, keep reading and you'll see what this message is for you too!

The King of Fire is telling you to intensely focus, focus, focus... and do it full steam ahead! It's time to focus on devoting your energy to a few major tasks you either have already began or have been wanting to start. It's quite possible you are in a leadership position or inspire others with what you do. Even when you have the urge to want to be introverted, your enthusiasm and passion inspires others. It's possible you may be someone who doesn't always have an easy time opening up to ask for help or advice - but if you can, you will receive advice from someone who excels in creative solutions during this time.

Now is the time to allow the natural-born leader inside of you out (if it isn't already). You have great charisma, charm, and flair! You have what it takes to be the head of a business or organization that will allow you to be innovative and creative while accomplishing great things! If you are an entrepreneur already - now is the time to put your foot on the gas and with a heavy foot! And if it is something you've already wanted to do - the Universe is backing you up right now! Especially if you are a Water Sign. If you are not a Water sign, you'll have to work a little harder to keep the focus, but it is still very obtainable for all signs!

You need to know that you have the ability to make a difference in this world! A big difference! If you have something in your life that you are passionate about yet haven't had time, make space for it and devote energy to it! If you are already living a life you are passionate about, not if the time to throw more gas on the fire! It's time to brighten the light from that fire as much as you possibly can!

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