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Learning to Let Go

And everything’s okay till it’s not.

Everything is intensified.

Hardly sleeping at night cause these voices in my head are so loud. And sometimes make me really mad and others real sad. Every hello and every kiss are all being relieved.

And when it’s dark and the middle of the night, all I want to do is hold you tight. But they say not everyone you meet is meant to stay, but if you would please listen to what I’m about to say... that’s sad look on your face I’ll never forget.

And after all we’ve been through; I hope you still get your “something borrowed, something blue.” I hope I was able to teach you it’s okay to cry just like it’s okay to laugh.

And when the time is right and you’re ready to try; I hope you find someone who shares your dreams and your goals cause honey, you deserve the world and so much more.

Everything in the Universe is energy and as humans we soak up all that energy. Never underestimate the importance of teaching yourself how to let go. Let go of people, things, emotions, energy, mind patterns, situations, etc. that no longer serve you! If maybe you need some information or help with letting go - check out our website and you may find something that can help!

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