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Perfect Does Not Exist - Stay Mindful - The Time is Now

There is no doubt that 2020 opened some new and old wounds for many people around the world. The new year will bring the ability to have a year of healing, growth, and transformation. However, in true Universal fashion, this will not come easy. Truthfully, 2021 will test us even harder, but if we going to take advantage, change the tides, and regain our true-selves, we must remain mindful of our thoughts. There are many things we can do to ensure we are allowing the healing to take place and make room for new high vibration energy.

One thing that can really help step into healing, transformation, and growth is being mindful of 'perfectionism' and what impact it has one your reality. When I speak at my events, I often talk about how perfection doesn't exist - yet it is something that impacts our consciousness (and subconsciousness) beginning at a very young age. Social activities, school, sports, art, music, etc. all have a sense of 'perfectionism' to them that you may have been guided towards as a child without ever knowing it. I'm sure whoever you are reading this has at some point thought about what the 'perfect' partner would be like. Truth is - the perfect partner doesn't exist, but it's the deep love of another's imperfections that create a 'perfect' partner, right?

In truth, perfectionism leads to procrastination and that will diminish growth, healing, and transformation. Think about it... have you been putting off a conversation that needs to take place because you've been searching for the 'right' words or the 'perfect' time? If this is true, you perfectionism has already led to procrastination. Don't feel bad, we are all guilty of it at some point, but it's not the act that is most important rather the awareness of that habit in order to change it. When I was first starting my business I was allowing myself to fall victim to perfectionism time and time again. Ironically enough, I had to continue being mindful of my own thoughts during the process of building a business that teaches mindfulness and self-awareness to others.

It doesn't matter how big or small the idea or task. It doesn't matter how big or small the dream is. If you want to heal old wounds and take advantage of the energy 2021 can provide, then you must stay vigilantly mindful of your thoughts. The past and present don't exist with regards to time. The time is now and it will always be now to begin working on your dream. Don't get caught up thinking if it's the right time for something or not. Every step counts, every lesson matters, and every healed wound creates a stronger consciousness to achieve your dreams. If you are local to the Phoenix area, check out some of our upcoming events and get a chance to experience different ways of healing with like minded individuals. One Love!

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