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Put Your Ideas into Action - Encourage the Flow of Experiences in Your Life


Teach me to build my dreams,

Including others too.

One mind...

One thought...

Heart as one...

Lessons learned from you.

What is Native American Animal Medicine?

In order to truly understand Native American medicine, you must first redefine your knowledge of what medicine is. To many Native American's medicine can really be anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery and to all life. This of course includes the healing of the mind, body, and soul. This medicine is also one that can bring great personal power, strength, and understanding. Many also believe that the understanding and wisdom to this medicine could be found in the behaviors and habit patterns of animals.

In a way, your ability to strengthen the medicine depends on your ability to observe the animals lessons on how they live life. Understanding another living being on a behavioral, emotional, and energetic level, feeling life living as that being, would allow you to gain access to the wisdom and medicine that animal has to offer.

What is the Beaver Medicine all about?

Beavers, although fairly small creatures compared to other mammals, are equipped to defend and protect themselves. Beavers have razor sharp teeth and a heavy paddle-like tail made for whipping. What Beavers really protect are their creations. Beavers are the doers of the animal kingdom. Take for example a Beaver's dam, everyone that will be built during the course of that beings lifetime will be built with multiple entrances and exits. Escapes routes in the event of predators? Yes of course, but that is the action - break it down even further to the intention. This is a practice to us not to paint ourselves into corners. We need multiple outlets in our lives for things to happen. If we eliminate our alternatives, we block the flow of experiences in our lives.

If you are reading this - you are being called to action by the ancient Native American wisdom of the Beaver Medicine. It is time to put your ideas into action! Maybe there is a project you have neglected to complete? Now is the time to act and remember that each time life challenges you - look for all alternative solutions.

If you are building up your abilities of understanding the Animal Medicine around you - meditation can be an excellent accelerate. Check out some of our Meditation Services online!

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