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Reiki - The Life-Force Energy of Exponential Healing & Growth - Free Yourself

Reiki is a form of energy healing that is becoming more and more known throughout the country. Reiki is already practiced in high numbers in other countries around the world, but only in the last few years has Reiki become a more and more accepted practice of tangible healing of the mind, physical body, and soul in the United States.

The earliest archaeological findings tied to reiki were discovered in Tibet and were dated to be over 10,000 years old. Historians find evidence of reiki in India, Egypt, Greece, Rome, and China as much as 2,500 years ago. It is said that reiki was practiced by many of the cultures all over the world, until the Western colonialism era when it was lost in conflict, war, and religion. reiki is said to be "rediscovered" in the mid 1800's by a Japanese born Buddhist monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. During his time teaching, Dr. Usui was asked by a student how Jesus facilitated the healing miracles that he performed - a question that planted the seed for the journey that led to modern day reiki.

During his travels, Usui went to the holy mountains of Kori Yama where he fasted and meditated for 21 days in order to attain a high altered state of consciousness. He had come to believe through his research that this higher state of consciousness would empower him with the healing energy. As the sun rose on the 21st day, Dr. Usui he began to become frustrated with his situation - beginning to second guess his theories. Just before giving up and returning back down the mountain, Dr. Usui felt a huge rush of energy enter through his crown chakra and flow through his body - totally taking over. As he took a moment to collect himself, he now looked at the world through a much more enlightened perspective. With the enlightenment came the wisdom and knowledge of the Reiki Ryoho, or the ability to heal.

Dr. Usui returned to his monastery but decided after a few days to go to a beggar city, in the slums of Kyoto, to treat beggars and help them lead a better life. He spent 7 years in the slums, treating many illnesses. However, he noticed that the same individuals were returning to him for healing. When he asked one of them why they had not started a new life he was told that it was much easier to go on begin than carry the responsibility of starting over.

As a result, Dr. Usui learned two very important elements that he had neglected: healing of the spirit and the responsibility of the one being healed in the healing process. He had realized that while concentrating on healing the body, the spirit was remained unhealed. He believed that reiki could only truly benefit those who could embrace a life of complete healing. Therefore, he made a decision that those who wanted to receive reiki need to be willing to make a mental commitment to healing, as well as, a physical commitment. These ideas are what Usui Reiki are based upon.

Anyone can be attuned to reiki and learn how to practice reiki themselves - however it does not come without commitment. It takes dedication, hard work, and the will to assist in others healing. Out of all the services I offer through Awaken One Love, reiki is my favorite! The flow of life-force energy is an amazing experience - revitalizing the body of the healer and the client each time it is used! I incorporate reiki is some way or another into most of the events I hold throughout the valley. The benefits of reiki grow exponentially the more you allow yourself to come into contact with it. Regardless if you are searching for a healing session with a Reiki Master Teacher or wanting to start or continue your path as a reiki practitioner - Awaken One Love can assist!

As a Reiki Master Teacher, I am certified in the highest level of the reiki symbols and knowledge to use in the healing of others. In addition, I am certified to attune others to reiki (teaching them how to conduct reiki). My clients are amazed at what bringing reiki into their lives has done. The benefits on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspect are countless. Our Reiki page has all the information you need about the reiki healing sessions and attunement certifications. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please don't hesitate to message me on Facebook! One Love!

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