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Ten of Earth - Tarot Card - Family, Friends & Finances

I hope you find yourself feeling amazing today! The Tarot card that finds you today is the Ten of Earth! I hope it's energy and messages give you guidance and clarity.

The Ten of Earth core vibes come from

the Minor Arcana and the Suit of Earth

The Minor Arcana

Reflects the day-to-day aspects of our lives and how it is affecting you. These practical cards represent the interactions, experiences, thoughts and emotions you encounter as you go about your life.

The Suit of Earth

Represents the material world, in which we deal with making a living, caring for our bodies, and looking after Mother Earth. Aspects of our lives represented by this suit include money, work, home, security, health, resources, educations, society, and the environment. Having a close connection to our planet increases your manifesting abilities!

The Ten of Earth

This card brings you energies of abundance and financial security. If you have been already experiencing some lasting success in business, continue to ride that wave! Congratulate yourself a bit, but understand that you need to remain mindful as you become more successful.

If you haven't experienced success in business, but are intelligent and driven. what are you missing? Taking some time grounding in the elements may help shed some light on the block.

With success often comes feelings of freedom. Material comforts become easier to obtain and satisfaction in yourself in your accomplishments is an energy you should accept and recognize right now. Be sure to continue to appreciate the little things in life as you become more successful.

Your family life is strong, secure, and peaceful. This family doesn't always mean blood either. It can be a chosen family or a group or community to whom you strongly relate. Draw extreme comforting energy in from those around you and send out gratitude for being blessed!

Remember to wrap up any projects you have been working on during this time. Embrace happiness and comfort - even if they are emotions you don't embrace often. Share your happiness and abundance with loved ones, but remember not to over do it!

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