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You Are Being Called to Align with Your Life Purpose - Career/Relationship Transition

Career Transition

Archangel Chamuel: "Your life purpose is triggering a blessed career change."

You have brought this Angel card into your life today, regardless if you believe it to be by accident, on purpose, or any other variation is irrelevant. The Universal energies around us are powerful and they have sent this message to you! Odds are you have been hoping for help with a specific situation - either with your job or a significant personal relationship in your life.

Archangel Chamuel's name means "he who see God." He assists in locating important parts of our lives. Maybe a new love interest, new friendships, a different job, or even a lost item with significant emotional value tied to a personal or professional relationship. If you have been unhappy with your current job situation then it is time to call upon Archangel Chamuel and begin a transition towards your life purpose. Call on him and set the intention while you do so, to guide you with clarity towards a career that aligns with your life purpose (even if you don't know what that is) and keep doing so until you begin to have some answers.

Keep a close awareness of repetitive ideas, dreams, thoughts, visions, etc. that you begin to have. Know that these are not coincidence, but rather an answer to your call. These are the Divine's way of answering our call and it is up to us to hear the answer. Everything in the Universe is about balance and without putting the work in, you can't expect to get much out of it!

If you feel drawn to this message and are in need of a little guidance to get you started, check out one of our Intuitive Readings! We also offer many different types of spiritual Events across the valley that will introduce you to like minded people and give you different ideas on how to manifest these changes and communicate more clearly with the Universe and it's messages.

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