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Our Spiritual Team Building events aim to bring fun, mindfulness, and teamwork into the individual, group and workspace. These events are spectacular for annual team building events and outings or even as a reward for a job well done! Our Team Building Liaisons come in and execute a seamless event that will bring your group closer together than any other team building our there short of all-day retreats. Did I mention we do that too? Each event starts with a base package that includes:

  • guided grounding meditation (spiritual team building activity)

  • mindfulness workshop (multiple spiritual and team building activities are included in this workshop)

  • Penny for Your Thoughts (team building activity)

  • Group Survival (team building activity)

  • an awards ceremony and spiritual gift bags

The packages grow from there based on your selections, needs, attendance, budget, and location. You can learn about all the different options below, but the best way to find out what a Spiritual Team Building event would look like for you is to contact us!

Spiritual Team Building

Base Package & Package Options

Guided Grounding Meditation

Included in every package (base spiritual activity)

Team members are guided by our meditation coach through a grounding meditation that encourages the flow of energy and promotes and calm, peaceful, and open environment. It doesn't matter if members of your team are familiar with meditation or grounding or not, all participants will be able to follow the visualization journey and ground effectively. 

Sound & Vibration Healing

Included in every package (base spiritual activity)

Team members are encouraged to get comfortable and listen to the sounds and vibrations of many different types of sound healing instruments. Things like: gongs, Tibetan bowls, chimes, steel Tongue drums, wave drums, and more! It's nearly impossible not to be able to relax and release any stress and anxiety they may be bringing into the workplace.

Mindfulness Workshop

Included in every package (base team activity)

Mindfulness is so important in every day life. By extension, it is important in the workplace and this workshop aims to be the bridge in between. During this activity, we dive into the world of mindfulness! What it is, how to obtain it, how to bring it into the workplace and how it impacts your professional relationships.

Penny for Your Thoughts

Included in every package (base team activity)

This team building activity is designed to bring your team a little bit closer while at the same time exercising the mind. This exercise will encourage team members to dive into their long-term memory and utilize communication skills to their group members at the same time.

Group Survival

Included in every package (base team activity)

This activity really pushes team members to work together as a group. Team member skills will be tested in the areas of: communication, patience, leadership, time management, organization, and more! These are effective activities for any group, but even more so when the group typically needs to function in a fast paced environment.

Healing Crystals Workshop

Package Option +$200

Healing Crystals are becoming more and more popular and this workshop teaches you all about them! This interactive workshop includes: healing crystal basics, crystals and the chakras, pendulums, elixirs, auras, crystals and the zodiac, crystal gridding, and more! Team members will get a chance to work with crystals like a Reiki Master would during Reiki therapy sessions.

Feng Shui Workshop

Package Option +$100

Feng Shui is often forgotten about, but remains an important part of bring mindfulness and balance into any space. During this workshop team members learn about Feng Shui and how to incorporate it into the spaces they have in their lives and at work!

Guided Hike

Package Option +$200-$600

The Phoenix valley area has numerous hiking paths that can accommodate our activities! Yes that's right - your activities can all happen before, after, and during your hike! Your Team Building liaison is experienced on many trails for you to choose, including: Camelback mountain, North Mountain Preserve, South Mountain Preserve, Tom's Thumb, Papago Park, and others. Lengths and intensities of hikes vary.

Trusting Your Intuition Workshop

Package Option +$150

This spiritual workshop is a great addition that provides multiple fun group activities that involving building, listening, and understanding the team members intuition. These activities include: blind readings, healing crystal readings, & angel card readings. These are super fun activities that add a great entertainment aspect to your team building event.

Fire Release & Sage Cleanse

Package Option +$100

A fire release is a spiritual ritual designed to help release old energy, mind pattern, emotions, situations, etc. that might be getting in the way from accomplishing goals. If added to your package, an outdoor area will need to be made available and the firs release will be added to the end of the sound healing activity.

Sedona All-Day Retreat

Package Option - Contact Us for Pricing

Make your Team Building event like nothing any of your Team Members have seen! This Spiritual Team Building Sedona Day Trip will rejuvenate the entire group like nothing else. Everything included in this special package: transportation, 3 meals, all base package activities above, guided hike, river cleanse, fire release, and a special gift for all your team members. 

Elevated Lunch

Need a recharge in the workspace but struggling to fit that into your schedule? Especially with ever changing deadlines and projects, life can be busy and even more so, work can be busy. We are here to help you elevate your lunch with a 1 hour session that includes both a guided meditation and sound healing experience.

We come in during your lunch break, set up a calming space in a room of your choice, then guided participants through a journey of relaxation and peace using visualization, grounding, and sound techniques. Elevate your energy, motivation, and mood of your team with just and hour with us! Don't forget to eat lunch after though!


Team Building Specialist

Before Awaken One Love LLC Drew worked in the family fun entertainment and restaurant industries for multiple brands as a Training Manager & Coordinator. For nearly a decade in those industries, his focus was on training & development, leadership development, team  building, and professional growth. Now he has decided to bring that passion together with his other passion of mindfulness and spirituality.

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